TREAT YOURSELF FRIDAY (Black Friday Edition)


Black Friday or should we call it Long Weekend Sale of the Year is here and there is a huge competition among retailers. Who will get the most out of this weekend? The answer is, the consumer! As the years go by, we the consumer’s, get more educated and therefore smarter when it comes to shopping. We have available information to compare prices and quality before we make the decision of buying. Retailers are not smarter than the consumers anymore. There is no advertisement or a sale promotion that will convince us to buy something if we know we can get it somewhere else better and cheaper. At the end tho, everyone wins. The store are clearing out and getting ready for the new season of items and we are happy that we got what we wanted-cheaper.

Here we are this week again, for the second time I’m sharing my week’s favorite items that you can treat yourself with this Friday. What’s even better, they are on sale. As I personally like to shop in categories, one thing at a time, I will keep that habit here and introduce you to this Friday’s items-Hair Accessories!

While some of you might be excited for Black Friday because you wanted a half price TV for your new apartment or a coat you couldn’t afford at a full price, TYF is not necessarily about what you need and have to buy. It is more about what makes you happy at the moment, after a long week of work.

These are my picks for you this Friyay!






What’s your favorite one?