Hi friends! I know it’s unusual to be here on a Friday, but I promise there is a good reason for it. TYF or Treat Yourself Friday is a new feature on my blog where you can shop new trends, collaborations, holiday gifts and much more. This idea came about when I started working in NYC for the first time. During my lunch breaks from work, I would go out and check latest items that arrive in stores every week. A few weeks into my new product hunting game, I realized that there was a pattern. Every Friday the stores were crowded, shoppers were buying treats for themselves because they were done with their long week of work and they finally wanted to start the weekend fresh with a new piece of clothing or accessories. I felt this myself. While buying new clothes every week can get a little bit expensive, I suggest that you don’t buy items you don’t need just because you feel like buying something. For me ‘a treat’ sometimes can be a $5 hair band or a new scented candle for the house.

This week’s items to treat yourselves with are part of the new collaboration line between Alexander Wang and Uniqlo. I am absolutely obsessed!!! It is an athleisure style collection made out of soft materials, perfect for layering on a cold weather. But also, the colors are amazing-neon, white, beige and black. I couldn’t ask for more! So, make yourself comfortable because it’s TYF!


I can’t wait to hear your responses to TYF. Be free to comment and suggest brands and items you’ll like to see featured in the upcoming weeks.