Hey friends. I’m finally back and I can’t wait to share everything that I’ve been going through in the last few months. Some great and some not really that great things happened, but hey that’s how life is. In this week’s blog I want to share my most recent experience in Barcelona, Spain. I fell in love with the city and I made it my goal that one day I’ll visit (or maybe live) for a longer time so I can experience every aspect of the city. As usual I first like to share all my outfits I wore during my trip and also the once that I didn’t because it just didn’t make sense. I am also sharing my favorite places to visit and foods to eat. So let’s dig in!!!

What to wear?

·       The one piece ease- one piece outfits are so easy to wear and pack in the summer. So dress or a jumpsuit or romper in the city is a must

·       Be comfortable because you are going to walk-a lot!- During the day I found myself walking and biking in the heat for 6-8 hours. I don’t know what I would have done without my comfortable shoes and light clothing which included airy shirts, biker shorts, sneakers and t-shirts

·       Dress up at night- this is the time to shine, not from sweating this time though. Barcelona people like to dress up at night so should you?  I like to wear dresses and sheer shirts that I don’t usually wear during the day.

Where to go?

·       Picasso Museum- one of the most conceptual and intimate museums I’ve ever been to. The museum will walk you through the artist’s stages of evolution in the art world and development of his craftsmanship

·       Take an electric bike tour around the city- it’s the best way to see the city if you have only a few days to spend like me. The tour lasted about 6 hours and it was worth it every penny. I couldn’t have seen half of what I saw in a day if it wasn’t for the electric bicycles.

·       Night at the Gothic part- to be honest we go lost just walking down the streets of Barcelona so we ended up in the Gothic part of the city-filled with alleyways and loud music coming from the apartment buildings or some underground clubs I couldn’t physically locate. It was freeing and charming to get lost in the moment and enjoy the sounds of the city at night.

What to eat?

·       Tapas- they are so many tapas restaurants in Barcelona but the most popular one is Cerveceria Catalana make sure to check it out.

·       Burger place- Amazing burger and tons of options. It’s the perfect lunch option when you are on the go all day in the city. The name of the restaurant is Timesburg

·       Cooking class-Make your own Paella- What’s the best way to finish an amazing three day trip than learning some of the traditional cuisine. This cooking class was so much fun and I highly recommend it. We learnt how to make Paella using a secret ingredient and Sangria which we ended up eating and drinking as a dinner.