SALE SALE SALE, exploding signs from pretty much every store. It’s an exciting time to shop and feel good about yourself. However, it can get very easy to get carried away and start buying things that by the time you get home, you don’t even like. I’ve been there, but thank God for free returns, right? There is a way to be a smart shopper not because you shop on sale but for what you buy. Here are few tips when you shop on sale.

  1. Buy the item you’ve wanted since the first day. You know that feeling when you see a piece of clothing or accessories for the first time. It’s perfectly hanging somewhere between the rest of the ‘new arrivals’. Your heart is pounding from excitement and you are a little afraid to look at the price tag but you do it anyways and BAM! Way overpriced and out of budget. Than, you make the smart decision to wait. You are running the risk of selling out by the time it’s on sale but oh’’s worth the wait. And that one day you walk in to your favorite store because you saw the flashing SALE sign and somewhere in the corner waiting for you is your favorite piece and now at 50% off it’s original price. Don’t think twice, unless you’ve decided you don’t want it anymore. Buy it and be proud of yourself for the patience you have.

  1. Do I really need this? Ask yourself twice. It is easy to get carried away from the low priced tags and start buying things that you don’t even like. Simply, ask yourself whether you need it or not. Would you wear it more than once? How versatile is it for styling? If all the answers make sense than say yes to the purchase.

  2. Check the original price. Sometimes retailers promote sales as up to 50% off or up to 70% off. Sounds familiar? Sometimes that ‘up to’ can mean only 10% and that it’s not a good deal. Be aware of these little things that are known as marketing tricks to make you feel like you are saving a lot but you are actually not.

  3. For the online shoppers. The sales might look like you are getting a great deal but there is a good chance that you are not getting ‘the best deal’. There is a little secrets that frequent online shoppers are using and it is called Honey. Click on the link to install it to your computer or mobile device and every time you get to the cart it will automatically pop up with coupon offers. It is free to download and it’s a true money saver!

    Now you’ve learnt how to shop sales like a pro. It is time to share some of my favorite items on sale.



I hope you guys found these tips helpful. Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments bellow. Let’s master the sale shopping together!