Summer is officially over and fall trends are taking over the world. During my recent visit in Washington DC, I was very excited to step out of my comfort zone and wear clothes that I wouldn’t necessarily wear every day. I few new pieces that I purchased right before my trip made me realize that I have made a great base to build my fall closet on. That’s why, I decided to shared them with you and hopefully help you gather a valuable and timeless collection of fall staples.

1.     Slip Dress- This is a great staple not just for fall butt year around. Slip dress have simple and flattering silhouette that you can dress up or down. It can be worn with t-shirts, roll necks or coats, boots or sneakers for every day and heels for special events. It is a true mast-have year around.

2.     Denim Jacket- Oversized or not, denim jacket is a classing that never goes out of style. You can mix it with trendy prints or your basic white t-shirt and always be confident that will look chic and up-to date. Denim jackets will do the magic for you, so be sure to invest in one.

3.     Leather/Pleather Dress- you can’t go wrong with this one. Leather dresses come in variation of shapes and styles. This fall, whites and off-whites are trending so I encourage you to step away from your go-to black dresses and try something fresh.

4.     Dr. Martens- While this style boot might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I am amazed to see how this 90’s trend is getting hotter every day.  I wasn’t a big fan, or I thought they wouldn’t fit with my personal style but, when I decided to give them a chance, I was pleasantly surprised of how my style evolved.

5.     Oversized sweater- Nothing cozier and blanket-like than oversized sweater. Who said we can’t wear our blanket outside?

6.     Leather pants- these are my second pair of jeans. I usually wear pleather as I find them softer and inexpensive compare to the genuine leather pants. Wearing leather/pleather pants always elevates my basic everyday look.