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Every fashion season has its own charm and a bit of uniqueness but fall is by far my favorite. As you might know, I love darker and warmer tones but also layering and cozy materials. Fall allows me to have it all. This time we are going over the prints that are all over Instagram, the fashion magazines and of course the streets of New York City.

What a better time to wear animal prints!

Just like in the primitive era, people used the animal skin to cover their bodies as a protective shield from the outside world. Thank God, today the world is moving in the right direction of protecting those animals because luckily we found alternatives to make clothes. But, the prints still remain the same.  This print always comes back in trend, so I definitely recommend investing in a piece or two.

Everything check, please! 

While this print comes back pretty much every year, this season it’s not about wearing checks. Wait, what? Yes, it is all about mixing them. We live in a fashion world where it’s not about what we wear, it is about how are we wearing it. It’s the best part about it.

Moody botanical garden!

The usual black background used to create moody fall vibe gives a completely different idea of floral prints. While I refuse to wear prints in the summer, in the fall they make to the top of my list.

Retro lines!

Not a big fan myself, but I could see me wearing it this season. This 70s trend goes well with solids or check prints. It is natural that this trend is coming around this time of the year. The usual color combination that this pattern is made of screams fall.

zara snake skirt.jpg


Animal print

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Check print


Dark florals


Retro Stripes


What is your favorite print to wear this fall? Share some ideas in the comments below!