Why you should wear dark colors in the summer

As the summer months approach, for most of us it means that our clothes switch from dark to light color. We were always thought that wearing dark colors when its hot will attract the sunlight and our bodies will absorb even more heat. Where this might be true to a certain extent, there are a lot of reasons why wearing dark in the summer is not all that bad.

1. Dark colors will hide the sweat marks

Whether you wear dark colors or not, sweating during the summer months is inevitable and very natural. Hiding sweat marks under your arms or your back is much harder on lighter colors. Most of the sweat leaves yellow marks that are almost impossible to remove with washing. That's why wearing darker colors will hide all of that and protect you from embarrassing moments. On the other hand, during the summer months, it's natural that we spend most of our time outdoors, usually in the parks, by the water or outdoor movie theaters. For me this means that getting dirt on your clothes from sitting on the grass or park benches is very easy and almost inevitable, so why hot hide it under the dark color outfit.

2.  An opportunity to make the most out of your closet

This one is my favorite reason to choose dark over light color when shopping. I love layering and most of the time that means that I combine lighter and heavier fabrics when the weather is colder. This allows me to mix and match trough seasons without worrying about color miss match. Imagine how many different outfits you can make just from sticking to your color palette. I am not saying that you shouldn't step out of your comfort zone from time to time but if darker colors are what truly speaks to you that there is no reason to change that just because of the temperature change.

3. Choose fabrics over color

When it comes to keeping your body cool during the summer months It is much more important to pay attention to the fabrics. This is to prove my point that the color doesn't always play the major role. Choosing fabrics like 100% cotton, linens and silk (note natural fabrics) over polyester, nylon, vinyl etc. is very important to keep your body comfortable even when you sweat. There is nothing worse than synthetic fabrics that will stick to your skin and won't let it breathe.

4. Will make you look professional at your workplace

Unless you have a job that requires a strict dress code (only certain colors allowed or simply a uniform), choosing the right colors for work even when it's business casual it's important to maintain your professional look.  There is nothing wrong about mixing light and dark when it comes to casual business wear, but make sure that your outfit combos are more meant for work than for the beach. That means, stay away from floral print dresses and head to toe bright outfit combos.
However, there is always an exception to the rule. After all, I don't believe in fashion rules and that's why I like to break the 'do not wear dark colors in the summer' one. Whether I am setting a new rule by breaking the old one, that is not the goal of this blog post. I want every woman to feel free and open to new style ideas and feel confident in whatever she chooses to wear. Do not wear dark in the summer is not a rule, it's just something we were always thought, and I hope that my few points will help you look at this differently and wear whatever makes you feel good.