Paint stroke bottom sneakers

Five must have white kicks to buy this spring


If you spend even two minutes a day on Instagram, I am sure you have noticed that white sneakers are B I G this season, and this is not just a trend that may or may not come back, this is a trend that in the same time is very classy and remains stylish at all times. And not just every white sneaker.

Remember those ugly 90's daddy’s vacation sneakers? Yes, those have become a statement piece that takes over our Instagram feed and honestly, I can't get enough.  This is a time of making fashion statements through unique and well-designed pieces that show off your inner ego and sometimes personality. Owning a statement peace, doesn't mean wear it ones and forget it in the closet. It means growing into it, making it part of your everyday, part of who you are and how you would want the people to know you. So, my point is, it is worth investing in good white sneakers that you are absolutely in love with and that you'd rather sleep in them than having a restless night in anticipation to wake up in the morning and put them on (ok, this is a joke).

I recently purchased my second pair of white sneakers that I am absolutely in love with. It was a very compulsive purchase because I went crazy for the color strokes sole, but luckily, I did not regret it.  I honestly, always look in the sole of the shoes before anything else. If it's only there for functionality, technicality and practicality most likely, I'll find it boring and move on. I believe that the sole is the soul of the shoes (omg!) so I always try to find something that's fresh and unusual.

I have attached links bellow where you can find my top 5 picks for this season.

P.S. make sure to own at least one of them to stay cool...

  • The ones that I am wearing on these photos are from Zara and you can get them here. 
  • Very old school (in a good way) FILA sneakers, you can find them here.
  • Adidas originals with green detail here
  • Killer collaboration Adidas X Pharrell Williams here
  • Adidas X Yeezy -here and here
  • The most popular Instagram sneakers right now are the Balenciaga Triple S here