Geometric heels to elevate your everyday look

A great way to elevate your everyday look

Summer is around the corner and there are flower dresses and sandals everywhere. I personally am not a fan of traditional summer prints and I almost find it boring because I see the same prints repeatedly. If you are like me and try to stay true to yourself but still add a little edge to your everyday look, you are on the right place to find out about my little trick: Geometric heels!

A side note (but it might help you as well) is that lately, I've been focusing on my buying habits. I try to pay attention to what catches my eye and I also always ask myself why I like that certain item. This is something that I've learned in art school. As students, we were not allowed to use 'I did it because I liked it' expression. We always had to dig deeper and find the real reason of why we choose what we choose. This was eye-opening. Now as a fashion blogger, I do the same thing when making my clothes purchasing decisions. This helps me find exactly what I need it keeps me away from compulsive buying, but most importantly, it helps me shape my personal style and realize what makes me different from everyone else.


Expressions like "It's all in the details" and "The shoes and the bags make most of the look" it's something that we hear a lot in the fashion world and I truly believe in that. In this post, I am giving you a list of my top 10 geometric heel mules that will step up your shoe game. Why wearing any kind of shoes, when you can wear something that is completely edgy and will only benefit your entire look