Puffy sleeve shirt with overlay dress


I love going back to my older clothes, mix and match them with some new ones. Sometimes I intentionally go without buying anything for a longer period because I feel like it pushes me to be creative and get the best of what I already have. Some days It's easier to go edgy with my style but some days I just try to stay warm and comfortable. Today it was one of those days when even though I wasn't doing anything special (I was running errands) it just felt right to dress up and do it all with style! This outfit might not be always my first choice but today It felt right, and I denied changing even for a few hours after I came home. I usually change into my sweats or pj's right away but to keep myself in a work mode I decided to keep it edgy all day.

I am obsessed with layering and this is my favorite one so far. I put on a puffy sleeve shirt which has a relaxed fit body. I usually tuck it in, to exaggerate the puffy sleeves. The dress makes this outfit less office-oriented and more casual. The jeans were an addition to the black and white. They brought some color and they took the whole look on a different level. I could have put on leggings or black tights instead, but denim is always a better option for me.
It was snowing today and it made my hair look messy on some of the pictures. I promise I did my best between the snow and the wind to keep it as straight as possible.