It’s not a secret we all love a good basic t-shirt or jeans! You’ve probably heard over and over again that investing in a pair of blue jeans and a leather jacket is worth the money and that is absolutely right. However, you might be somebody that this kind of basics won’t cut it. Well you are at the right place. I enjoy shopping basics as much as I love a statement piece but there is always I little twist I like to search for. Basic jeans don’t have to be blue and straight to be worn every day. Just find the right color palette and the shape that fits you right and there is your basic. Maybe you are not a turtle neck girl and you just love a nice round shaped black blazer, so be it! My point is that we choose what our basics are. In fact what are they? A few good quality items that you can wear together or combined with statement pieces to create your signature look. Pieces that are your every day go to. Whatever it is, make sure is comfy and practical, that it fits in your color palette and you are sure to wear it over and over again.

My favorite basic items are a pair of blue or white jeans, skinny or wide, a turtle neck in every color, but mostly neutral or black, oversized or slim coat for fall and white or off-white sneakers (you got to be comfy in NYC). I love to play with colors or just go completely neutral. Sometimes (and a lot of times lately) I like to create a monochromatic look. It is very easy to get distracted and end up with trendy clothes that you’ll probably wear once or twice. But remember, basics are your best friends!

If you felt inspired and would like to shop my favorite basics, keep scrolling.


What is the one basic you can’t live without?