Four face masks that will fight tired skin

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Long summer nights, early week mornings and long hours of work equal tired skin and dark circles around your eyes that no makeup could cover. Even though sleep and hydration are the number one factors to a healthier looking skin, I truly believe that using facemask daily can result in brighter and tight looking skin. Here are the face masks that I recommend.

Summer Fridays

Also known as The Jet Lag Mask. Summer Fridays is a powerful skin booster with proven results right after the first use. The best part about it is that you can apply it and wear it under your make up with no need to rinse off. It has a light and soft texture that makes it perfect for hot and long summer days. Summer Fridays will definitely make your skin weekend ready!

Neutrogena Radiance Boost

This 100% Hydrogel mask contains Vitamin B3 that helps brighten your skin and dark circles. It comes in two pieces which I find very helpful because it’s much easier to fit on your skin when applying. It has a jelly texture that gives the skin extra hydration and radiance. Just because of its nature, this mask tends to slide down your face so make sure to be in a laying position for about 15 minutes. It is worth the wait!


Sephora Red Clay Mask

This mask is proven to fight against your visible fatigue and bring back the energy to your skin. It has a toning effect that is visible immediately. It has a soft and natural smell that I find really calming. I recommend using it twice a week, earlier in the morning as your first step to a productive day.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

If we are talking about long term nourished and healthy skin. The dead sea mud mask has proven to work wonders not only for your face skin but for your body and hair. This mask is 100% natural and the benefits are endless. Speaking of face skin, this mask is full of minerals that fight against fatigue, enlarged pores and lack of elasticity. I recommend using this mask 3 times a week. This natural phenomenon is not to be wasted!