90's Inspired Hair Styles

Lazy Sundays


It's Sunday and you just want to use the day to relax and enjoy the time with your friends and family. With easy day comes an easy and causal look that doesn't take too much effort, but it still looks like you tried and succeeded. This Sunday I woke up and didn’t feel like doing too much with my hair, but I was bored from my usual straight hair basic look.
It was sunny out, so I felt like trying something new and colorful. My first go to are scrunchies that I am currently obsessed with. I have them in about five different colors and I just like how they bring the 90s vibe to my look. I flipped my hair over, tied the front half of it with the scrunchies and voila, I have this full kind of messy hairstyle that just got messier and better throughout the day. For my second look, I left the front of my hair loose and tied the back with a regular hair tie. Then I made a bow out of a little scarf and attached it to my low ponytail. For my third and probably favorite look, I made a hair band out of a square scarf and wrapped it around my head by tying a little bow in the front.

The idea was to keep it loose and simple, so I do not recommend using any hair sprays or gels. Each look took me about two minutes including brushing my hair and rolling the scarfs. So, if any of these looks come undone it is very easy to fix or redo.

Hope you guys loved this. If you have any ideas on how to make Sundays look and feel even more effortless please leave a comment below.